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Thursday, June 16, 2016

Satellite phones and accessories

Satellite phones are phones which provide a wider coverage compared to conventional mobile phones. This is because they connect via orbital satellites. Depending on the network, a satellite phone may have coverage throughout the globe. They are extremely useful for people who travel a lot. They are also more secured compared to conventional telephone channels. Hence, they are used widely in defense departments of countries. Satellite phones can also be a good option for people residing in remote locations with little or no connectivity to conventional mobile or telephone networks.
Satellite phones can be acquired easily in most of the developed countries. Australians in remote areas can apply for a subsidy to acquire satellite phones. The calling costs of satellite phones may be more compared to telephones and common mobile phones. Common services like SMS, internet etc are also supported by most satellite phones. Common Satellite phone brands available in Australia are Iridium, Inmarsat, and Thuraya etc. Inmarsat and Thuraya use the geostationary Orbiting satellites while Iridium uses the Low Earth Orbit (LEO) technology. LEO satellites usually provide worldwide coverage with no gaps while geostationary satellite providers are able to maintain an almost continuous coverage.
Most satellite phones use encryption for security purposes. However, there have been cases where the algorithms have been reverse engineered. Hence, they may not be suitable for high security usage. These phones usually use special country codes. For instance, +870 is used by Inmarsat phones and +881 are used by LEO satellite phones. Satellite phones have proved to very useful under turbulent times. During times of natural disaster and war, most of the conventional telephone and mobile networks are out of service. Satellite phones can be useful for government authorities and disaster recovery teams in rescue operations. Common satellite phone accessories include cases, batteries, adapters, travel chargers, convertors, USB cables, etc. Other useful accessories could be ear phones, antennas, docks etc.

Stencil Marking Equipment

We are well known sellers of Stencil marking equipment. We have been in the business of selling these for a number of years. Our expertise has fetched us clients from a number of sectors. We specialize in selling various types of stencil marking equipment. These are cost effective solutions and work out well for various types of enterprises. We have been a trusted provider of marking equipment for several companies for quite some time now.
Our clients have given constructive feedback on our stencil marking equipment. We have used the feedback to make improvements to our processes. We are in a position to deliver superior value to our clients. Our employees and contractors take every effort to improve client satisfaction. Our equipments aid in efficient identification of products. The products marked by our equipment include material like rubber, metal, wood etc. Our marking equipment have been manufactured with accuracy and quality in mind. Please contact us for more information.

Understanding Chapter 13 and Chapter 11 of business law

Bankruptcy is the state of a person or organization that cannot repay the debts owed to creditors. This is usually initiated by the borrower and imposed via a court order. The federal laws govern the process of filing for bankruptcy. There are different chapters under which bankruptcy can be filed. The most common ones are the Chapter 11 and Chapter 13. Both these chapters are applicable to both Individuals and corporations. Understanding Chapter 13 and Chapter 11 of business law is very important to grasp the laws surrounding bankruptcy and insolvency in United States.

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy law

Chapter 13 (reorganization) is a common and well known bankruptcy code. It is also referred to as Wage earners plan. Under this law, debtors can propose a plan to make repayments towards a loan over three to five years timeframe. Chapter 13 is popular because it has a number of advantages over chapter 7. Under Chapter 13, individuals can save their homes from issues like foreclosure.

Under this chapter, the courts have the power to approve a chapter 13 without any approval of creditors. Chapter 13 is often viewed as a great way to consolidate debt position based on the cash flows of the debtors. However, there are also a lot more advantages of Chapter 13 filing.

Chapter 11 Bankruptcy law

When a corporation is unable to service its debts, it can file for bankruptcy under chapter 7 or chapter 11. Under this, the debtor (business or individual) can propose a plan for reorganization of debt. The filing of petition can be initiated by the debtor (voluntary) or maybe filed by creditors (involuntary). However, there are cases when an individual cannot file for Chapter 11. One example is if a prior bankruptcy order was dismissed in the last 180 days due to willful failure of the debtor to appear before the court of law. There have been numerous cases of corporate Chapter 11 bankruptcies in recent times. The largest chapter 11 was the case of Lehman Brothers in 2008.

Disadvantages of filing bankruptcy

There are certain disadvantages of filing bankruptcy to individuals. Under FCRA, the record stays in the credit bureau report of the individual for about 7 years. It is however, possible to obtain a new credit card or loan after about 1- 2 years of filing bankruptcy.
We have a sound understanding of understanding Chapter 13 and Chapter 11 of business law. Our specialists in the field of bankruptcy laws can provide advisory and legal services. Please contact us for any advice on debt consolidation, debt restructuring or bankruptcy filing.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

How a healthy child is the hallmark of a happy family

Health is an extremely important ingredient of happiness. A healthy child makes a happy home. It is important for the mental well being of other members of the family. It is obvious that good health promotes well being and happiness in a family. There are several ways we can ensure our children are healthy. One of the easiest ways is to try and provide proven supplements which can improve the immunity of children. Improved immunity ensures that children are able to grow better. Good health in early age is like compound interest. There are multiple benefits like better grades in school, better chances of leading a happy life etc.

Healthy children can avoid a lot of discomfort to family members. Common infections, if neglected can turn detrimental in certain cases. Hence, it is necessary to give due importance to a child's health. Of course, there are views that today's cleanliness is reducing immunity among our children. However, purposely exposing to germs may not be a wise idea at all. I certainly wouldn't recommend excessive use of stuff like hand sanitizer. Timely vaccinations are recommended to ensure good health in children. It is advised to go for all available vaccinations. Some doctors advise regular flu-shots. These shots can avoid certain types of germs. Vaccinations for illnesses like Typhoid and Chicken-pox are also available. Vaccinations build herd immunity and are essential for the well being of our country. There have been certain wrong notions and rumors surrounding vaccinations spread. However all medical experts have openly declared that such rumors are baseless and dangerous to the society.

Children should also be educated on basic cleanliness. Basic checklist should be followed while feeding a child. Anti-bacterial soap can help avoid many common infections in children. Common medicines like Tylenol can also be used if required. In case of prolonged illness, it is advised to consult a pediatrician. Good nutrition is another important thing to be kept in mind. The physical and mental health of a child depends heavily on the first 1000 days of diet. It is advised to feed children with a balanced diet. A child’s diet should consist of ample vegetables, fruits and whole grains. Probiotics can also be helpful to improve metabolism and digestion.  However it is recommended to consult with your doctor before administering any probiotics for children and infants.

Apart from the above mentioned steps to ensure good health, ayurvedic supplements can be of great help in improving immunity. Products like Dabur chyawanprash taste good and provide the goodness of herbs like Amla, Giloy etc. These products if consumed on a regular basis can be beneficial to a child’s health.  The pre-clinical studies indicate its anti-allergic and immune-modulatory potential. For more information, please visit https://www.liveveda.com/daburchyawanprash/

Good Blog on investing and Psychology

I recently came across a blog on investing and psychology. Several of the posts in the blog are dense are require a good amount of focus. The author certainly puts in a great amount of effort before each post. Recommend you to read this blog. This is a real gem I found in the last 6 months.


Sunday, August 24, 2014

Synced with Univercell Sync

UniverCell Sync is a new concept store by UniverCell. These sync stores have been established for serving customers in a better way. The difference between a normal store and Sync store is imminent. The ambiance, lighting and the smell of sync store is more chic. You can almost compare a Sync store to Imagine (Apple) stores. The market share of UniverCell is higher than most other retailers. In South India they have close to 40-50% of the mobile retailing business.

The UniverCell Sync has been established to attract tech-savvy customers who are on the lookout for latest gadgets and experiences. India has been quite slow in the process of adopting new technology. It could be due to the purchasing power of the population. However, stores such as Sync, allow customers to experience the goodness of technology and help them buy suitable gadgets. The bloggers who visited were asking about the impact of e-commerce on traditional retailing. The manager responded to bloggers questions promptly. I think her name was Soumya. 

Some staff members also conducted a demo sessions for some of the newer gadgets. The store has also setup a portable epson printer for customers to experience end to end photography. In fact lots of gadgets seemed to be targeted at amateur photographers. I spent about an hour browsing most of what caught my attention. There were some tablet like laptops and there were some laptop like tablets. Just kidding. I am always interested in debates that surround the topic of tablet vs laptops. Some coders dislike tablets. The normal tech savvy non-coders love tablets. Some people have and love both. This is the age of convertibles.

 I never miss an opportunity to visit gadget stores whenever I am in a mall. When my family members are shopping apparel and stuff, I find solace anonymously browing stuff in gadget stores. The placement of products in the store is quite interesting at UniverCell Sync Indiranagar. Most round  tables have 4-6 gadgets. Unlike conventional UniverCell stores, the mobile phones are not dummy sets. Overall, it was a good experience. I had a good time observing the gadgets closely. I believe, UniverCell Sync will allow customers to buy good products and accessories. 

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Fragrances- A matter of memories

Fragrances act as anchors to several memories. The creation of a quality fragrance is not an easy task. It involves connecting with the pschye of individuals. Understanding of customers is very important. The kind of fragrances that have been successful in the marketplace indicate a strong bias towards customer development and discovery.

Indians love fragrances that connect to their traditional pscyhe. Aromas of sandal, eucalyptus are not new to Indian people. Fragrances that are able to combine such traditional aromas with a good blend of synthetic smells will be successful. Complex aromas like that of coffee, cinnamon/clove, fruity smells like apple etc can also be successful. This is an entry to #InspireAFragrance context on Indiblogger. For more details, visit: