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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Close Encounters of the Smelly Kind

I have always wondered about smelly people. There are several reasons behind the smell. In most cases, it is because of excessive heat and sweat. In such cases, it may not be right to deal with a smelly person in a straight forward way. However, I have had encounters with certain people who were extremely reluctant to take bath on a daily basis. They just don't want to get inside a bathroom and run water on their bodies. Maybe they like the natural secretion of sweat better. This was an arguement given by a lazy friend.

One of my roommates in hostel skipped bath every few days. He wouldn't bother much and skip taking bath on atleast 7 days a month. The smell aggravated when he would skip bath two days in a row. We were in a relatively tropical climate. This added to the misery. I usually encountered the smell with the usage of room freshners, perfumes, agarbattis etc. The more I sprayed the freshner, he would understand that his smell was an issue to me. He would take bath as soon as possible. I talked to him about his habit of skipping bath. He told that he gained this habit in school when he would wake up too late and had to rush to catch his school bus. Nevertheless this was clearly a problem to me. I dealt it in a relatively smooth way without offending him (I hope so).

I hope he is taking bath every day now. If cold water is an issue to him, I would suggest Racold Instant Water Heater to him (https://www.facebook.com/racoldthermoltd).

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