Friday, December 14, 2012

How to save money and maximize savings

I have been thinking for a while to write some stuff on saving money. I also want to ensure that you are not much affected by being a bit cautious about spending. I don't recommend you to be a miser, but list down some ways to ensure that you save money. The first step to save money is spend less. Each of us has some expenses which are compulsory such as rent, utility bills, telephone bills etc. We also have some non discretionary expenses such as spending on clothes, entertainment, eating out etc. Here are some tips for saving money:

a) If you buy books regularly, you could buy them from a used book store or even better rent them. Don't hesitate to wait fr some time and don't jump to buy books as soon as they are printed.

b) Reduce eating out. As per me, eating out is one of the most common causes of higher expense. You might also eat healthy when you eat home food. Read up how to make great dishes which are also healthy and balanced.

c) Avoid addictions such as tobacco and alcohol. They are great money guzzlers. Once you get rid of them, you reap the benefit of reduced expenses.

d) Avoid upgrading your mobile phones, laptops, Televisions often. There is no point in upgrading them often when the technology is changing every day. As a rule of thumb, if you are not doing something that requires high computing power, laptops, televisions and mobile phones can be used for at least 5 years before any hardware upgrade. 

e) Save your money into different products such as Money Market Funds, Equity Funds, Fixed Income, Stocks, Gold etc. Always save first and then plan to spend the remaining.

f) Instead of going to the movies to movie halls, you can choose to watch them on online streaming sites which offer you a legal way to watch great movies at your home.

g) Spend more time exercising and socializing with good people. This keeps you occupied and the urge for spending money is less

h) Use public transport as often as possible. This way, you not only save money for yourself, but also contribute in your own way to the environment.

i) Plan your vacations well in advance and search for good deals on online deal/coupon sites. This helps in saving significant amount.

j) Try not to buy anything on debt. Clear dues well in advance to avoid charges and interest costs.

This is not a money saving tip, but a very important one: Buy a good adequate life insurance and a health insurance plan for you and your family to ensure some safety in case of any unprecedented events.