Monday, November 18, 2013

TABB Group Liquidity Matrix

The Liquidity Matrix is a good tool to analyze about liquidity in different exchanges and Dark Pools.

Once you register on TABB website, you can view Liquidity Matrix.

Dark pools covered are-

Barclays- LX, Knight- Knight Link, Goldman Sachs- Sigma X, etc.

Check out the September 2013 Liquidity Matrix here:


Sunday, November 10, 2013

Myclaimsource.com - Simplifying the Insurance Claims process

Myclaimsource.com is a nice little website helping people filing their claims. People who don't have knowledge of filing claims can resort to Myclaimsource.com for details. Insurance is an important aspect of financial planning. There are various instances where policy holders may need to file for claims. This is more common in case of small companies. Retail policy holders usually file claims for health, auto or life insurance. Businesses on the other hand file claims in a variety of insurance types such as professional indemnity insurance, business insurance, workers compensation etc.

Insurance is an extremely important part of running a successful enterprise. There are also several regulatory requirements which mandate businesses to take certain types of insurance. Myclaimsource.com helps policy holders to understand more about the claim process. They have segregated different insurance companies and offer tailor made techniques for file for insurance claims.

For more information, please visit

An additional insurance blog may also be helpful for people to understand more about the Insurance Subject Area.

Saturday, November 9, 2013

A Visit to Bookstores near MG Road Bangalore

I had long planned to make an exclusive visit to bookstores in MG Road and Surrounding Areas in Bangalore. I spend a hell lot of time in bookstores. Hence, I had to visit these places alone. Based on opinion of people I know, I shortlisted Select Bookstore and The Bookworm. Both these places are well known among book lovers for old used books. I also visited HigginBothams and bought a few children books for my daughter. I tried visiting Gangarams and Blossoms but was unable to do so because of time constraints.

Bookworm- This is on MG road and houses second hand books. You can find a lot of books at reasonable prices. However if you compare prices with online bookshops, you will not see much discount. Most books housed at Bookworm are recent titles. The bookstore is small and has more fiction and history books. Nevertheless, I bought a couple of books in great condition for 50% discount on MRP.


Select Bookstore- This bookshop primarily houses old books. Books by unknown authors are in plenty. However, Mr. Murthy and his son try their best to provide you with relevant books. Most books are in very bad condition. However, if you are lucky, you may lay your hands on some really precious books. This store also sells stamps and coins.


The staff in both the stores are cordial and have adequate knowledge of books and current trends. They help you to find books of your interest. However, they were below my expectation levels. I have visited several used bookshops in areas like Avenue Road, Banshankari, Gandhi Bazaar, Malleswaram etc. Those book stores house a bigger and better collection of books compared to the shops on MG road area. Also, I find prices of books at Bookworm and Select store to be much more compared to other used book stores in Bangalore.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Towards an Immune India

Immunity is a very important aspect of life. It plays a vital role in health and general well being of a person. I recently read a book by Jared Diamond "Guns, germs and Steel". In this book, he explains how the Europeans were able to overthrow South Americans with the usage of appropriate germs like pox virus. South Americans who were not immune to these new germs from Europe were wiped out in a matter of days. The context of immunity in the book was a bit different. However, I wrote this just to stress the importance of immunity. We are facing a lot of unusual germs today. Our bodies may not get stronger fighting these germs. Hence, it is a good idea to build a better immune system following healthy practices.

Immunity can be improved by many ways. Common ways include a healthy lifestyle, good food practices and ample rest. Fresh fruits, vegetables, balanced diet and other aspects can have a positive impact on immunity. Several ayurvedic supplements like Chyawanprash can also have a positive impact on the immunity of a person. Chyawanprash is formulated based on ancient methods and is known to improve immunity and metabolism. It is a very good supplement for young children and healthy adults. It fights bacteria, virus and protozoa and helps in building better health. However, for them to work perfectly a good diet is very important. A person cannot be healthy by taking a spoon of chyawanprash and intake junk like sugary drinks, alcohol, fatty fast food etc.  

Considerable improvement in immunity can be seen by people who follow healthy practices. My views on health and fitness are quite different from conventional views. I don't consider it healthy to eat five small meals every day. I don't consider it healthy to eat the same amount of food every day. On some days, I eat a lot while on some others, I eat like a bird. I have noticed a significant improvement in my immunity and overall health by including randomness in my daily life.

I like to include a lot of variety in my diet. I don't abhor carbohydrates. I take rice, wheat, millet, corn, pulses, eggs and nuts regularly. I try to avoid sugar, sweets, colas, alcohol, processed foods like bread, burgers, pizzas etc. I include vegetables, fruits and supplements like chyawanprash. It is advised to consult a doctor before using any form of supplements. I also occasionally take other supplements like vitamins, fish oil etc. However none of these are taken regularly. I stress the importance of variation and randomness in diet and exercise as well. On some days I take a lot of protein and very little carbohydrates. On some other days, I do the exact opposite. I learnt about most of these after reading books by Nassim Taleb and Arthur De Vany. I also learnt cooking and started eating wholesome meals rather than fast food. I rarely eat out these days. On days I do, I watch my portions and don't overeat.

I have strong views on health and fitness. Eating a pizza may not harm much in the short run. However the unhealthy habits don't go so easily. Eating fast food increases the cravings and hampers our health. We need to guide young children who are lured into fast food corners for celebrating birthdays. The toys offered by these outlets add to the charm. We want our children to be happy. So we oblige and take them to the fast food center. But we are just encouraging them to get addicted to unhealthy food and sugary drinks. It is important to start eating healthy and take the right kind of supplements. These aspects are important for building an Immune India.

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