Thursday, August 29, 2013

Paul Rotter Strategy

I share some principles followed by Paul Rotter. He was infamous for his role of Flipper on the Eurex exchange.

Be true to yourself

For us, asset management means more than just tracking indices. We expect more - more of our dealers, our analysts and our back office staff. Our core competence is in trading financial derivatives, especially options and futures. Thereby we do not rely on automated trading strategies but on the market comprehension of our employees. This approach has been successful in the last few years. The results obtained were regularly above the benchmarks.

Wait for the right opportunities

We're not stock market gurus or prophets. We don't have to defend any published opinions or implement any pre-defined strategies. Our independence gives us the flexibility to respond appropriately to the markets - we can exploit market trends by buying and selling faster and more consistently, and allow ourselves the freedom to go against the trend or do nothing if there are no clear opportunities.


Rotter Invest's traders are known for their outstanding abilities and dealing skills. There is no compromise — being able to master our trading systems and state-of-the-art technologies is a requirement for working at Rotter Invest. Personal discipline is key to achieving this technical excellence.


Precision calls for detailed knowledge of what's going on right now. For us, this means enabling dealers to concentrate on the right market at the right time, generating a profit from information on market trends by responding quickly and applying our technical edge.

Maintain control

Total control is an illusion. Life is full of surprises, large and small. We have the professional skills to deal with surprises: our risk management tools give us a reliable early warning of negative trends, enabling us to respond in good time.

Interpret the signs

These days, modern asset management techniques rely heavily on complex IT systems. We use them as a matter of course. But machines cannot yet replace highly skilled people. Successful systems will always be copied by others, and even programmed to trade automatically. However, these systems alter the markets themselves, and what was a successful system before becomes average at best over time. In Rotter Invest, we constantly adapt our systems to keep pace with changing markets.

Don't count on chance

We review our positions constantly: Would fresh buying make sense? If not, then the right time to liquidate an investment has probably come. We apply a sophisticated stop-loss philosophy. Sitting out or averaging rarely make good strategies.

Confidence and nerves

Self-confidence and strong nerves are essential personal traits in any successful dealer: for taking on risk at the right moment and implementing ideas without hesitation.

No luck or magic

We consider simple, transparent client relationships to be very important, so that we can concentrate on our craft.

Source: Rotter Invest

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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Social Media Strategy

Social Media is a great avenue to market your ideas, thoughts, products and even your personality. The advent of social media in the recent years is a disruptive development in the area of brand management and marketing. Several social media platforms like Facebook, Googleplus, Twitter, Quora, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Youtube etc have become popular. We focus on aspects of Brand management- tips from top social media strategist. More and more online communities are embracing the salient features of a social media platform in their websites. Brand management deserves due attention on social media platforms. It matters as to what people think about your product or service on social media. Powerful influencers can have a major impact on your brand. It is a good idea to segment these powerful influencers and target them so that they promote positive aspects of your business and offerings. You can get to know about key influencers from analytic services like Klout.

Platforms like Facebook and Twitter are governed by power laws. Few influencers have a lot of impact on their followers. Targeting such people can help you manage your brand effectively. You wouldn't want to upset these people. You can even target these people so that they share some positive experiences about your offerings. Another way to brand management on a social media is the passive way. In this, a company would just set up its social media pages and start positing relevant sensible content. An effort to attract a good number of followers is also recommended. Rather than hiring an agency to attract a lot of followers, it might be a good idea to target followers based on segmentation. It makes sense to target people who are most likely to utilize your products and services. It is among these people, you would like to build your brand. No matter, how small the follower number is, it is a good idea to be active on social media pages.

Posting appropriate content on social media is a key to effective brand management. It might be a good idea to post some promotional material from time to time. However it is also recommended to post other interesting content surrounding the sector of your product or service. Make sure that your followers and customers are engaged with interest content on your social media pages and blogs. Responding to customer queries on social media is a great way to build a reliable profile on social media. Companies that respond to customer queries are known to have harnessed the potential of social media in a positive way. These positive aspects will build a good reputation and brand. This may also help in attracting customers and followers in a relatively organic way.

Good social media strategy also has other advantages. You can reduce your marketing and advertising expenditure greatly if you are able to target your prospects and customers through social media and other web channels. Taking your offerings viral will have a great advantage to your image and brand. Alternate websites like Reddit may also be a good place to post your content. Effective social media strategy ensures that you stay ahead of the curve and acquire customers in a seamless manner. Social media strategies should also focus on retaining and engaging customers. These aspects if done correctly ensure that your brand and product receives due attention in market.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Advantages of Nike Slippers

Nike slippers are well known for their quality and varieties. The quality of slippers is amazing and these slippers also last longer compared to other brands. They are available in different styles like flip-flops, slides, etc. Slides and thong slippers are quite popular and are sold in a large number of countries around the world. They are available in attractive design and colors. They are usually very light weight and are helpful for easy mobility. Main advantages of Nike footwear like slippers over other brands is the durability, quality and comfort.

Nike slippers are a convenient accessory for long walks, home use and travel. They are of great use of various purposes. Nike slippers for women are also available in various types and colors. Please ensure that you select the one that best suits your purpose. Nike slides are also recommended to people based on their needs. They are very convenient to wear and serve multiple purposes. Several variants of slides and slippers are available. Certain varieties are more suitable for regular use than others. Some varieties of slides and slippers are good for occasional use.

There a wide variety of slippers and slides available. Some varieties have thicker soles, while some others have thin soles. It is up to the wearer to decide the type of footwear he/she likes. It is usually recommended to buy a few pairs of slippers and slides that suit different purposes. Some type of slippers may be suitable for office use. They may have a good formal look. Some types of slides are suitable for casual use and go well as evening footwear. Nike footwear is durable and is considered to be a good brand by people around the world. The materials used in Nike footwear are of high quality and are regarded as a symbol of quality.

Nike slippers for kids are also available which are ideal for protecting the young foot. They come in attractive designs and colors to attract the kids. Kids usually like to wear slippers which are attractive and light. These slippers meant for kids are usually available in brighter colors and are light weighted. This ensures that the young feet adequately protected with minimal side effects. Kid’s footwear is also available in a number of variants. It is a good idea to let the children decide on the design and colors. Buying a few pairs of slippers is a good idea. It may also save money when you buy slippers bulk.

Cheap Nike slippers are a good companion for daily use and walking on uneven terrain. They are ideal as evening walking companions. Appropriate size of footwear is very important to ensure good comfort. Slippers and slides are a man's companion for almost 80% of the time. Hence, they deserve due attention. The intricate details pertaining to selection of footwear is very important. This ensures that people select the right type of footwear and wear it on the right occasion. Wearing appropriate footwear also indicates a good fashion sense and is an important aspect of the overall personality.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Venture Capital (KPCB) eBook for sale

Kleiner, Perkins, Caufield and Byers is a top VC firm in the world. It has several top associates and principles who specialize in investments in technology, clean tech and bio tech sectors. KPCB is considered to be one of the most successful venture investors of all time. They have funded companies that are giants today. Companies like Facebook, Twitter and Zynga are some of the recent ventures which have become technology giants. Analyzing the portfolio companies of KPCB can offer unique insights into the field of technology. Portfolio companies of KPCB can become the next giant multi-billion dollar businesses. Analyzing and tracking these companies may help uncover many trends and help in foreseeing the possible future. KPCB has many funds like iFund, Java fund etc. These funds were aimed at investing in specific types of companies. For instance iFund, was started to back companies which are focusing on developing applications for Apple products like iPhone, iPad etc.

KPCB employs some of the best minds in the world. They invest in ventures which are unique and offer potential for high growth. Venture investments are often risky investments where the probability of a big exit is very less. However a big exit will be good enough to cover several failures. Hence, venture capital investments are known to be governed by power laws. Companies in emerging sectors like renewable energy, high end technology, smart meters, crowd collaboration etc have been funded by KPCB. Principals and analysts at KPCB are well known to back sound companies which are founded by able people.I am selling the KPCB company eBook on GumRoad. KPCB is a top venture capital firm in the Silicon Valley. KPCB has been funding several companies which are in early stages. Analyzing these companies and trying to interpret the investment rationale adopted by KPCB professionals can help students, technology investors, technology bloggers, academics, futurists etc. Hence buying the KPCB Portfolio companies eBook will enable you to analyze companies in a comprehensive manner.

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Value Investing 101

Value Investing essentially means investing in assets and businesses that are available below their intrinsic value. What is intrinsic value? There are several definitions of intrinsic value. Intrinsic value is the present value of future cash flows the asset or the business may return. The main challenge is to estimate these cash flows reasonably and discount it.

For instance, I purchased a share of Infosys in 2009. Ideally Infosys generates cash flows to an investor in the form of dividends and special dividends. All we can do to estimate intrinsic value using discounted cash flow method is to discount dividend per share for next few years. Most people agree that it is alright to assume the cash flows till perpetuity.

Value investing makes sense because you are buying something that is worth more. The main challenge in value investing is to avoid value traps. In a bad market every share that drops in price looks like an attractive candidate for value investing. However, one should be very careful and avoid these traps. One way is to select stocks that are already trading below their Price to Book value per share. There are several critics of this practice. But this can make sense if you also consider other aspects of a business like debt, corporate governance, margins, etc.

Buying something that is cheaper is definitely a smart move. In today's turbulent times when stock market is extremely volatile, the only viable method to invest in markets is value investing. It is recommended to avoid any biases and start with a clean mind before selecting stocks.