Thursday, February 10, 2011

Folders in Ipod Classic Vanished? Don't worry

I had a strange experience with my 80GB Ipod Classic which I use as a Pen Drive as well. About 40GB is data other than Music/Movies in Ipod. One day I connected my Ipod to a friend's system and was shocked to see my folders missing. Only some files were present. Panicked, i immediately connected it to my laptop and was traumatized to see the folders missing on my system as well. I tried all sorts of things. I restarted the Ipod. However no use. The files weren't hidden as well. But the Itunes still showed only 1 GB as free and so did Windows. Hence I was sure that the folders were intact.

I tried searching by folder names. however no use. Then I used my Mcafee to scan the ipod. I was surprised to see the scanning going on for the files which I wasn't able to see. Then I noticed the path. The path was something like G:\_\A.doc. Then I immediately accesed the folder G:\_ and was relieved to see all my folders intact. Thank god.. I will create a backup of the data soon..

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