Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Dacoit Menace in Modern India

About 30 odd villages in Raya block of Mat tehsil of Mathura district of Uttar Pradesh have been facing repeated raids from a gang of dacoits since past few months. The gang has about 30-40 people who come in tempos / trucks late in the evening or night.

They carry away women, cattle, jewels, money, clothes ... anything they can lay their hands on. They have killed at least 2 villagers who put up a fight.

Initially they started by raiding houses which were isolated and on the outskirts of villages. Now they have become much more bold. They not only raid houses inside the villages, but even tell householders one day in advance that tomorrow your house will be raided.

The villagers have made any number of complaints to the police, but the police simply refuse to do anything. The first time they had arrested two people, but they were let off within hours. Since then they refuse to even lodge a FIR. They say these are being carried out by a minister in the UP govt and therefore they are helpless to act.

To minimize their losses, the villagers are trying the following:
1. Send all young women away from the village to stay with relatives.
2. Hide all assets in different houses, so that the loss is limited.
3. All male members who live in cities have been told to come back to their villages to help protect them against these dacoits.

This was told to me by one of my service providers who too has decided to go back to his village to protect his family and village.

I had seen such stories in movies, but never thought that such a situation could happen in modern India.

Please help spread the word in the hope that someone somewhere can help these poor villagers.

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