Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Quora:- An Amazing place to be

Quora is an amazing Q&A portal, I recently came across. Qoura, starts with the alphabet "Q" which stands for Questions and ends with the alphabet "A' which stands for Answer. At Qoura, you start with your questions and end up getting meaningful answers. Quora, doesn't seem to making any revenues as of now. They seem to be focusing on user acquisitions. Qoura is a perfect platform for curious, inquisitive people. It contains some of the best questions and answers, I have ever read.

Recently Qoura published a book "Best of Quora".It is a collection of the best questions and answers compiled by the Quora admin team. A hard bound copy with a Quora T-Shirt was sent to most of the top writers. The pdf version of the book is available online. Overall, I enjoy my time on Qoura and am happy that I am away from Facebook wasting time.


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