Friday, September 6, 2013

Smelly to Smiley with Ambi Pur

Smell is a wonderful sense organ which needs no introduction. We usually associate smells with various memories. Appropriate use of fragrances and smells is an integral part of home decor. Fragrances remind us of old memories. They remain embedded in memory for long time. I remember my parents buying exquisite fragrances in Pondicherry. I always loved those exquisite fragrances. I also remember some exquisite sandal wood oil smell in my childhood. 

Ambi Pur sent me a sample of room freshner. I received a Thai Dragon Fruit fragrance. The freshner is not strong and evokes the typical dragon fruit smell. I remember my Thailand trip in 2008. I had visited several places including Bangkok and little known towns. The trip I had taken as a lone traveler was a minimalist trip on a very tight budget. I made sure to enjoy the local culture and food to the maximum extent. Hence, I also got a chance to try Dragon fruit smoothies. 

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