Thursday, March 13, 2014

Gibbon- A new type of educational start up from Europe

Everyday I am learning new ways of using internet for more productive purposes. Recently I came across a start-up called Gibbon based out of Europe. This is a new kind of start-up that aims to build playlists for learning.

The content of courses is crowdsourced. Anyone is free to start a course and curate contents from the web. There is no limit on the size of lessons. However, users will not be able to upload files or share pdf/ppt files. URLs which have files are also not allowed.

Gibbon was also featured on Techcrunch recently. There are a few good courses on lean startup and user experience/design. If you are interested, you can enroll for a couple of good lessons on Gibbon.co.

1 comment:

Being Chinmay said...

Great !I've been searching google for several hours looking for relevant info on this, they definitely need to position your site on the first page!

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