Sunday, August 3, 2014

Fragrances- A matter of memories

Fragrances act as anchors to several memories. The creation of a quality fragrance is not an easy task. It involves connecting with the pschye of individuals. Understanding of customers is very important. The kind of fragrances that have been successful in the marketplace indicate a strong bias towards customer development and discovery.

Indians love fragrances that connect to their traditional pscyhe. Aromas of sandal, eucalyptus are not new to Indian people. Fragrances that are able to combine such traditional aromas with a good blend of synthetic smells will be successful. Complex aromas like that of coffee, cinnamon/clove, fruity smells like apple etc can also be successful. This is an entry to #InspireAFragrance context on Indiblogger. For more details, visit:

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