Friday, January 27, 2012

Can metal detectors detect gold?

Metal detectors are devices that aid in detecting metals which may be hidden or not readily visible. A simple metal detector consists of an oscillator which produces an Alternating current and passes through a coil that produces a magnetic field. Any metal which significantly conducts .They have been of great use in places where security is of great importance. Metal detectors first came into existence in early 1960s. The metal detectors in the earliest days were extensively used in the mining industry. They were also of great use in detection of land mines. Today, metal detectors are widely used in most of the security areas to detect weapons like Guns, Knives etc. They are also useful in Archaeology to detect any old metallic substances which may be available at archaeological sites.

An obvious question which comes to question with respect to metal detectors is "can metal detectors detect gold?".Metal detectors can generally detect gold. This is because Gold is also a metal and a good conductor of electricity. Since the technology of metal detectors, depends on the electrical conduction, most metal detectors will be able to detect gold. However, the different metal detectors can be sensitive to different amount of gold. A general metal detector may not detect a small gold coin or jewelry. Special metal detectors are available which have the capability even to detect tiny amounts of gold. These are usually used in treasure hunting and hunting of coins in ancient archaeological sites which have been approved for excavations. Some metal detectors can also be used under water. These are of great use while trying to find some valuable gold in ship wrecks etc.

Special metal detectors with higher sensitivity to metallic content are preferred while trying to detect gold with the aid of metal detector. This is because an even minute quantity of gold is valuable. These detectors are usually known as Gold prospecting metal detectors. The general purpose models of metal detectors may just not be suitable for detecting gold. Most of the ancient coins were minted in precious metals such as Gold and silver. Hence a good gold detector will be of help while trying to find gold. The second aspect of a metal detector is the depth till which it can search the metal. The usual models available for general purposes are equipped only to detect for about a foot of depth. These might not suffice gold detecting. Hence superior metal detectors which can detect for a greater depth can be used while trying to find gold with the aid of detector. It is recommended to visit sites of historical importance such as ancient temples, religious places, treasury, etc while trying to find gold. It is best to visit low profile places which are of some historical significance. Metal detectors which respond only to gold are difficult to obtain. However, detectors with LCD displays which indicate probable metallic contents can be obtained in some places.

Metal detectors are of great use when trying to find valuables. With soaring prices of base metals, the metal detectors are of great value not only for finding gold, but also for other metals such as silver, copper etc. A gold detector which is sensitive to minute quantities and greater depth will be just great for finding gold. It is also recommended to buy a metal detector which is not bulky, to ensure that it can be carried to different places.

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