Tuesday, January 10, 2012

How To Become A Better Forex Trader

Trading forex can be a good source of extra income. One has to be careful before jumping into the vast ocean of forex trading where the number of products available to trader is plenty. There are many steps which can be followed to become a better forex trader. The first thing is to limit trading to a maximum of three-four currency pairs. It is necessary to observe these currency pairs on charts regularly in different time frames. Having more than four currency pairs on charts can be confusing. It is also important to have some important technical indicators such as Moving average, Relative strength etc plotted for these currency pair charts. While trading forex, it is also important to adhere to the plans which are formulated before entering into the trade. It is important to maintain strict stop loss orders. It should be noted that in order to becoming a better forex trader, it is important to honor the stop loss orders. These serve as a risk management tool for the trader. They also bring in a lot of discipline while trading a fast market such as forex.

Learning technical analysis and price action is also a good step towards becoming a better forex trader. While trading forex, the charts have to be observed from time to time. It is important to understand the entry and exit signals, a technical indicator generates. Generally it is important to have a combination of 2-3 technical indicators before entering a trade. Some tools like Fibonacci are also widely used by forex traders. The technical indicators work on a probability basis and should be strictly used with stop losses. Learning technical analysis is only the first step. It is very important to be disciplined. Watching the markets continuously helps and enables one to spot good opportunities. It is also important to decide on a timeframe to trade. The charts of the currency pairs have to for the specific time frame. While observing a hourly chart, it also helps to have a look at the daily chart in order to spot the daily trend.

A trader can improve his knowledge of the macroeconomic factors while affect the forex markets. It is important to keep track of the daily economic data of important economies such as US, Europe and Japan. It is very important to be aware of activities in other markets such as Equities and fixed income on a broad level. It can be helpful to stay abreast of any developments in markets. The actions governments take can have considerable impact on forex markets. An eye on export import data also helps a serious forex trader.

Behaviorally, one can learn a lot of aspects to become a forex trader. Maintaining a cool head is very important in a serious pursuit of money such as forex trading. It is important not enter a trade on an emotion or gut feel. One should also avoid any impulsive trades such as revenge trading. Revenge trading is when a trader enters into an immediate position without thinking much after a heavy loss.

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