Monday, October 28, 2013

Platinum Day of Love

Platinum Day of Love for me was on 15-Oct-13. Fifteenth October was the day I got married to my sweetheart two years back. Things have changed a lot since I got married. I was this carefree guy getting up at 9 in the morning and hurrying for work. Coming back home by 10 PM was a routine. I used to have all three meals outside. I used to party a lot with people around me. Marriage changed me for better. I started experiencing the goodness of home food and of course the love.

She is the love of my life. I fell in love with her, the first time I saw her. I remembered the lines from Divine Comedy by Dante. His words have always evoked a sense of overwhelming love in me. I planned to have a perfect second year anniversary. This year we had our little daughter with us. Every time I look into the eyes of my 1 year old daughter, I can see myself. I love her beyond any words. This year was a special anniversary because this was our first with our cute daughter. We planned to spend the whole day together. Travelling to distant places was out of question because of the daughter. I decided to bring the outside world home this year. I decided to do something unnatural to me.

I am this rational person with an advanced degree in finance. I value everything I purchase. I try to estimate the future value of every object I purchase for myself or my family. I would never buy things like Gold/Platinum Jewelry. I always used to think that these are just for people who want to hoard their hard earned cash. However, I was deeply influenced by a statement I read in an unexpected book "Poor Charlie's Almanac". It’s a book on Charlie Munger.

Charlie Munger is the partner of Berkshire Hathaway and is a well known value investor. He draws his ideas from multiple spheres of life. He is nearing 90 now. He has led a life of prosperity with his Wife Nancy. His life is an inspiration to thousands of financial aficionados like me. A statement by Munger changed my perception about jewelry. He is known to have said this ""I think when you're buying jewelry for the woman you love; financial considerations probably shouldn’t enter into it." Exactly. I understood not to put financial considerations while buying jewelry. But I knew my budget and planned a simple platinum earring suited for the occasion. My wife loved the present and the day was amazing. I chose Platinum because it is different (at least today).  I find the color to represent purity and unconditional love. Try and gift a platinum jewelry to your loved one to see the look of joy on her face. 15 Oct 2013 was truly a Platinum Day of Love in my life.

Platinum Day of Love


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