Sunday, October 20, 2013

Role of Ayurvedic and Synthetic products on Children

I have been using a lot of products for young children for over a year now.I experimented with a range of brands and variants in each category. I should admit that I am a bit biased towards favoring Ayurvedic products over synthetic ones. This is due to several reasons. I have been using ayurvedic products myself for years now. I prefer Indian made ayurvedic toothpaste, soap etc. I am well aware of benefits of modern anti-bacterial mouth wash and dental floss. However, the traditional clove scores points over any of these products.

For my kid, I have been using various types of oil. I avoid ones which have heavy perfume. I prefer locally made ayurvedic oil such as Dabur Lal Tail, traditional castor oil, ashwagandha oil, etc.  I am even okay with plain Olive oil, Coconut oil, Almond Oil etc. However, I have always avoided using oil which has a lot of chemicals. I always wonder the effects if the baby ingests the oil. I would prefer products which are formulated by well known brands and which guarantee quality and safety for the young ones.

We already ingest enough chemicals through air and water. Nothing is free of chemicals including water. Hence, I prefer to use ayurvedic products over synthetically processed ones. I am worried about chemicals like Paraben which are present in almost all modern products. Usage of ayurvedic products ensures that the amount of processing is relatively less and less amount of chemicals are used. I am very well aware that most products today (including ayurvedic based) cannot be chemical free. But what satisfies me is that the amount of chemicals is relatively less in ayurvedic products.


Canary said...

Short and informative! ATB :)

Being Chinmay said...

For youth generation this type of articles was totally bored but your article was fully different and realistic to the young generation for the future life.

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