Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Knowledge is Great: Study in UK

Several times, when I plan to study abroad, United Kingdom comes to my mind. There is something about this country's educational system that attracts me. Probably because many leaders like Gandhiji studied in UK. But when I think of a subject to specialize in, Scotland comes to my head. One thing, I always avoid crowded places. I am also looking for an innovative course that finds relevance in the next three to four decades. The University of my Choice would be University of Edinburgh and the subject of my choice would be Carbon Finance.

There are several reasons why I would like to pursue this course. One of the main reasons is my fascination with environmental policies, finance and risk management. I believe that, the Carbon Finance course blends these areas seamlessly. I am also of the opinion that Carbon Management will be a key issue of interest in the coming decades. I was inspired by the documentary movie by Al Gore "The Inconvenient Truth". So in short, I see this course preparing me and fulfilling my interest in issues like climate change, Energy Finance and other relevant areas.  I would like to study full-time in Scotland. I am also a scotch connoisseur. I feel spending time in Scotland will also be a great experience.  

Place - University of Edinburgh
Subject- Carbon Finance

Reasons- Interest in subject (Climate change and Finance), Want to spend time in Scotland

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