Friday, February 14, 2014

Latticework: The New Investing by Robert Hagstorm

I have been looking for Latticework: The new Investing pdf for quite a while now. However I have been unsuccessful. But after a long search, I came to understand that the book is available under a new title "Investing: The last liberal art". I searched on Google books and was able to read about 20% of the book. I can say, read this book only if you are looking for worldly wisdom and multi-disciplinary areas. The book draws from various fields like sociology, physics, psychology, mathematics etc. 

At times, you may wonder if all this makes sense. There is no tangible benefit of reading Latticework: The new Investing pdf which translates directly into your stock analysis or performance. However, the book is worth a read. If you are unable to access the old title, keep searching for Investing: The last liberal art pdf. Robert Hagstorm's other books such as "The Warren Buffett Way" and "The Warren Buffett Portfolio" are easily available in most stores and also in pdf form. 

For people interested to know more about the book Investing: The last liberal art pdf, please visit the website below:

The above is a presentation given by Hagstorm at Gabelli Center for Global Investment Analysis. 

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