Friday, February 14, 2014

Condition Serious Hai: Nahi Hai

There are many people who suffer from this syndrome called Seriousness. They are serious about the most unnecessary things on earth. I hate to say this, but I have seen a lot of elderly people affected with this serious syndrome. I narrate a true incident which took place when I was travelling by public transport in Bangalore. I carry laptop backpack everyday to office. On this particular day, I boarded a normal bus. It was about 6:30 PM and the bus was quite crowded. I accidentally brushed an elderly gentleman with my laptop bag.

The gentleman asked me to proceed towards the end of the bus in a rude manner. Without thinking, I immediately fell to his feet and started apologizing dramatically.I don't understand why I did this because I am usually a very introverted person who avoids conversation with unknown people.
 I thought this would soothe his serious nerves. But, boy I was wrong. This seemed to enrage him further. But the seriousness of the situation turned comical when people in the bus started laughing. My intention was never to hurt the gentleman.

I think, I just wanted to show that people still have a sense of humor in this busy world today. Later I apologized to the gentleman about my behavior and told him that I was a part of the local laughing club when I was young. My actions could be due to this. He said it was okay and he missed the humor that used to be a common affair in his younger days. He  talked for a few minutes about his family.

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