Saturday, June 15, 2013

Facebook Spam Update- [WTH] she went totally crazy and lost all control of the sharp axe :O Watch what happened..in..this

A recent spam cleverly crafted by some spammers has gone viral on Facebook. There is a link provided with three photos of a woman holding an axe and the comment says " [WTH] she went totally crazy and lost all control of the sharp axe :O  Watch what happened..in..this".

Three photos of the woman appear in feeds and some of the friends are automatically tagged if you click on the link provided. To add authenticity, a comment is inserted which says "She couldn't stop herself, it was really bizarre".This makes us believe that there is something about the photo and we click like fools.
Please avoid clicking on this link as this will only add three pointless photos and tag your friends unnecessarily. I am not even aware of any other motives of this spam.

Got some information from a website called hackillusion which explains, what happens when you click on the spam link:

As soon as victims click on the link, they redirects to a new page with title, [Video] She did this at the tender age of 15 and with a fake video player.facebook-scamAs soon as we click on the Play button a popup menu opens with a few shortcuts (Ctrl + L, Ctrl + C, Ctrl + W) have to follow to make verify you are a human. These shortcut keys to like or share this pic on your profile.
[Also Read- Facebook Keyboard Shortcut list.]By following all these shortcuts, the same photos also uploaded on your wall, and your all friends are tagged on these fake photos.facebook-vidoe-scam-humman-verficationLike Mostly facebook spam are created for money, this one also to earn money through advertising.

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