Saturday, June 8, 2013

QI Group and Dato Vijay Eswaran

I heard about QI Group as Quest Gold in 2007. Quest Gold was offering an opportunity to buy collectible gold coins for INR 30k. They claimed that some of their coins were sold on Ebay for as much as INR 100k. They were selling gold coins worth about INR 8-10k. You could also opt for a Fancy watch if you didn't want coins. I got interested in exploring more about Quest.

 The Quest Gold Members motivated me to join. They explained me that I need to bring in more referrals to make money. However, at first I should focus on bringing in two members. And those two members should bring in two more people separately. If everyone in my network brought new members, I would make money appropriately. The amount of money I would make would be directly proportional to the number of people under me. What was this? Why did they want more people? Why did they offer gold coins worth 10k for 30k? Why did people get started with this?

 Well, it was a classic Ponzi Scheme. As long as the network would continue, all would be fine. A large percentage of 30k collected would go to the people in the network. A small portion would go into the company. Quest Gold was big in South Indian cities of Chennai and Bangalore. It was popular in software services companies such as Cognizant Technology Solutions, Wipro, MindTree etc. Most Project Managers were members of Quest Gold.

Now what is QI Group and who is Dato Vijay Eswaran? QI Group is the company behind Quest Gold. It supposedly sells luxury products. Some products such as water energizer are pure variety of horse-shit. Some products may be useful, but are overpriced. Dato Vijay Eswaran is a Malaysian Entrepreneur behind QI Group. Dato is a honorary title awarded in Malaysia. He is a mystic-type of person conducting some high-energy sessions for his members in South Asia.

One of the worst things about QI is the bull-shit products it sells. Members of QI give a false sense of achievement to bring in more scapegoats. I somehow find it agonizing that no government has taken strong steps against such companies. Companies such as Tupperware, Amway are atleast selling some high quality products for higher prices. QI Group seems to be offering some horseshit products. Even some journalist of Forbes seems to be supporting QI.

"When the Amezcua Bio Disc was introduced to the world in 2006, it heralded a revolution in the way we were able to redefine and harmonise the energy of water, greatly maximising its positive affect on the human body. Over the years that followed, numerous independent scientific tests verified the Bio Disc’s ability to positively harmonise energy." 

Quest Gold is no more in India. But QI has taken a new form. People are selling handmade watches, resort stays and QI membership to continue the Ponzi Scheme

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